“Artidis is based on the oldest diagnostic test on earth: palpation,” says Marija Plodinec, CEO and co-founder of Artidis AG. “In a nutshell, we palpate tissue on a molecular level,“ she adds with a twinkle. That’s because instead of a physician’s hand, Artidis runs a fine, high-precision 20 nanometer probe across a biopsy surface to measure local nanomechanical properties of tissue components, such as different cells and matrix scaffolds. The exciting technology yields swift and precise oncological diagnostics – in less than three hours.

Artidis’ beginnings can be placed squarely in the PhD thesis of Marija Plodinec. Already some 10 years ago, she pondered the idea to measure tissue with atomic force microscopy for cancer diagnosis. Founded as a spin-off from the University of Basel in 2014, by November 2017 Artidis had already grown enough to move to the Technologiepark Basel – where they quickly got to work: “We recognized early on that we needed patient data for clinical validation – so we launched a joint collaboration with the University of Basel and the University Hospital.” […]