ARTIDIS is at the forefront of transforming cancer care, leading a mission to revolutionize treatment optimization across the entire patient journey, from central lab to patient bedside. By providing swift and precise diagnoses, along with predicting treatment responses from the very first biopsy, ARTIDIS is paving the way for a new era in cancer diagnostics. At the heart of their innovative medical technology lies a remarkable nanotechnology-based imaging modality, granting an unmatched and in-depth view of cancer at the cellular level. This groundbreaking technology centers around a unique Nanomechanical Signature – a tissue biomarker that accurately reflects the tissue phenotype. With a steadfast commitment to becoming the gold standard for tissue analysis and therapy optimization, this clinical stage company, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, and with offices in Barcelona, Spain, and Houston, USA, aims to deliver substantial benefits to both patients and the healthcare system. 

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