ARTIDIS can predict the probability of a patient developing metastases

ARTIDISTM is our nanomechanical sensor that captures the physical properties of tissue enabling the clinician to differentiate between benign and malignant tissue in under three hours. In addition, the technology allows the clinician to define the aggressiveness of the tumor with very high accuracy based on the nanomechanical signature of the cells. Only very soft cells can squeeze through all different tissues to create distant metastases that are responsible for more than 90% of cancer related deaths. The nano-probe measures the tissue’s physical properties allowing us to discover robust nano-mechanical biomarkers and predict disease development. Moreover, ARTIDIS technology is not limited to cancer and can analyze any living tissue.

ARTIDIS platform nano-palpation process

ARTIDISNet platform

We are committed to improving the quality of life for patients while protecting their personal data.

The individual patient history on our portable platform forms the basis for holistic, comprehensive and communal solutions that promote long-term relationships with each individual. ARTIDISNet is an AI-powered algorithm integrating patient nanomechanical biomarkers and hundreds of relevant data points from the patient’s own clinical data to provide the patient with personalized high-quality treatment. Together with clinical data like tumor size, lymph nodule status, etc. we integrate the nanomechanical biomarker data and combine them with imaging, genetic, and histopathology parameters, as well as therapy follow-up data to generate medical insights and support treatment decision-making. ARTIDISNet enables the clinician to provide the right patient with the right treatment and to maximize the positive treatment results.

ARTIDIS nanotechnology device
ARTIDIS nanotechnology device